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Quality, precision, excellence


We provide a service of excellence

FEPRATEX was founded in 2007, in the city of Barcelos, by D. Prazeres Ferreira, and its main mission is to respond to its customers' requirements, offering a set of habilities that positions it as the right partner for any business in the textile and clothing industry.

It has highly specialized employees in an organizational environment developed for people in favor of a common objective – to provide a service of excellence.


Years of experience


Monthly production capacity

Investment in training and technology

The continued investment in adequate facilities and modern machines (complying with all legal obligations), the professional training policy for its employees, its production capacity and the growing satisfaction of its customers, makes FEPRATEX an active player in the International Market, with world-renowned brands in its client portfolio.


The sense of social responsibility is one of the pillars of the company, leading it to provide support for the improvement of conditions to various local social agents, namely nursing homes, educational and religious institutions, the municipality and private individuals.


Ensuring the sustainability of the planet

We made the important decision to adopt solar energy as a renewable energy source.
We produce 50% of the energy we need and thus significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

In this way, it was possible to reduce our emissions by more than 19,000 kg of CO2 per year, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

of renewable energy per year

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Who we are

Prazeres Ferreira

CEO & Co-Founder

Manuel Fernandes


Davy Fernandes

Commercial Manager

Tiago Fernandes

Accounting & Logistics

Tom Peters

What we do


Our modeling office makes prototypes based on the customer’s requirements with the greatest rigor.

Whether basic or elaborate pieces – coats, polo shirts, pants, shirts, dresses and other types of clothing; we create cutting plans for all types of fabrics and knits.

We develop together with the customer and help adapt the prototype to the most suitable material.


We invest in the most advanced technologies to optimize the consumption of raw materials and offer the highest accuracy in the measurements of the pieces.

Monitoring and managing the cutting process is crucial to the quality of the final product.


We carry out production in our own facilities, through experienced collaborators with high technical competence.

Our investment policy allows us to work with more modern equipment in order to respond to all product requirements.


The finalization phase of the product is essential to guarantee its quality.

This is where accessories, measurements, and manufacturing details are controlled.

This review is complemented by finishing, where the product is ironed and folded for packaging.


At FEPRATEX, quality control in the manufacture of garments is carried out through the preparation of registration/control forms based on measurement tables, product technical sheets, definition of technical specifications and client specs.

The finished product is analyzed in detail in all its components.

We offer a welcoming space and the best conditions for monitoring and external auditing.


At FEPRATEX, personalization (labeling), packaging and transport does not complete the product cycle.

Aware of the importance of meeting deadlines for our customers, FEPRATEX has an order control system that only closes when the product is finished and at the client’s address.

All recovery and reshipment facilities are open until the customer completes the order.

quality excellence 

quality excellence 

quality excellence 

precision commitment 

precision commitment 

precision commitment 

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